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How do you choose the ideal range for your home?

How do you choose the ideal range for your home?

As we know that this can be a very complicated decision due to the wide variety of models and functions that exist today, in this buying guide we tell you everything you need to know to buy the right range for you. your house.

What should I consider before choosing a cooker?

When choosing a range, there are several factors to take into account, but the most important thing is to define our needs, as they allow us to get an idea of ​​the characteristics of our next stove. Here we prepare some questions that will help you in this first step:

 How do I choose the right size cooker?

The first thing to consider before purchasing an appliance for your home is how much space you have at home. If the surface is large, you can opt for a separate kitchen with a built-in oven. But if the environment is small, what works for you is a countertop kitchen that will help you make the most of space and prepare your meals better.

Remember that you still need to take the measurements of the space where you will locate the range to choose the model with the appropriate size. You don't want to buy one that's too big and don't have room to put it in later.

How do you choose the ideal cooker capacity?

You need to consider the number of burners that will give you enough capacity to prepare the amount of food your family members consume. For example, if you live alone or with your partner, a 2- or 4-burner stove will give you excellent performance for your preparations.

Types of cookers

There is a wide variety of cooker models on the market, for this reason we show you the best known so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs:

Standing cookers

They are ideal for medium to large homes. Also known as traditional cookers. These models have a structure that have a built-in oven and there are different sizes, you can find freestanding cookers with 4 to 6 burners. They usually run on gas, but there are currently electric models.

The advantage of this type of cooker is that its installation is very simple, just install it in the space dedicated to it and connect it to the gas or electricity network, depending on its type.

Integrated cookers

They are ideal for apartments or small houses. Also known as countertop ranges. These models are generally installed on flat surfaces which allows an excellent optimization of the space. In addition, there is a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 1 to 5 burners. Another advantage is that they exist on both electricity and gas.

Portable cookers

They are ideal for small apartments and single people. These models are usually very handy because you can take them anywhere and you just need to connect them to a gas or electricity source. In addition, there are portable cookers with 1 or 2 burners.

Gas stove or electric stove

This decision will depend on the connections you have in your home, whether they are natural gas, liquefied gas or electric stoves. Each of these energy sources offers different benefits when cooking.

The main difference is undoubtedly the cost, the use of natural gas offers great savings compared to liquefied gas, not to mention compared to electricity, which is the most expensive.

 Gas cookers

Natural gas emits less carbon dioxide than liquefied gas, but its use requires a connection to the distributor's pipeline network

local, while liquefied gas is the one we traditionally use in cylinders, this method is more expensive than the previous one.

 Electric cookers

These usually come in built-in models, but there are also freestanding electric ranges. In addition, they differ in the type of material of their burners, which are made of either iron plates or ceramic hobs. This type of stove has high power consumption, which means higher expenditure than gas stoves



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