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How to choose the best dryer?

How to choose the best dryer?

We cannot imagine our daily life without a dryer. You probably don't want to hang out and pick up your laundry, and above all, wait several days for your clothes to be dry. And sometimes they don't dry out completely in very humid periods or on rainy days. The truth is, it's not nice to wear clothes that smell like humidity. With a tumble dryer, your clothes will be clean and dry the same day. But, how do you choose your dryer?

Which dryer are you going to buy?

If you've always hung your laundry on a line, you probably have no idea what drying technologies exist or what features a tumble dryer can have. If you want to know which dryer is best for your home, here are four important details.

The type of dryer.

Currently, there are three types of dryers on the market. The first exhaust designed require an air outlet to the outside of the house to exhaust hot and humid air. Currently, these devices are hardly manufactured any more, because it is better if the dryer can cool and dry the air before expelling it.

Then there are the condenser dryers, which take in the air from the outside and heat it by an electric resistance. After the operating process, the dryer generates water that you must periodically remove.

And the big revolution came with heat pump dryers. If you are wondering which is the best dryer, we recommend this type of technology. Why? How it works is directly linked to other very important details when choosing a tumble dryer: energy efficiency and clothing care. Heat pump dryers reuse heat using only the energy needed, which is 70% lower than usual. Also, they use lower temperatures than other dryers, so they're gentler on fabrics and you can even put woolen clothes in them. This type of drying can make you feel that when you take out your clothes, they are damp. But that's just a sensation, due to the residual moisture that may be present in the environment.

Benefits that make your life easier.

New generation dryers incorporate features that make their use more comfortable. For example, dryers with a heat pump are equipped with a self-cleaning condenser. While in traditional dryers you have to remove the lint yourself, the heat pump does it for you.

Some dryers work with an app, which allows you to control the appliance from your cell phone. You can activate or change cycle settings or receive advice on which program to use.

The heat pump and condenser dryers include humidity sensors that terminate the cycle when clothes are already dry so they are not subjected to unnecessary heat. In addition, they have the Pause + Charge function, to put on a garment that you have forgotten even if the cycle has started; as well as the programming option. And basket drying is also very comfortable for thoroughly drying delicate items such as woolen sweaters or slippers, avoiding noise as the drum spins.

Variety of programs for clothing supported.

Another of our tips for buying a dryer is to watch the programs. Like washing machines, these devices are incorporating more and more settings for specific fabrics. So your clothes will receive the care they need.

What space do you have at home?

If you don't have a tumble dryer at home yet, one reason may be that you don't have a lot of space at home. In this case, washer-dryer combos are a great idea, as they merge the two devices into one.



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