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Tips for buying a washing machine

Tips for buying a washing machine

Choosing the right washing machine is very important to have a durable and efficient appliance for years to come and to avoid wasting money saving energy.

Load type

Front-loading washing machines are more popular, mainly because of their convenience. They load more easily and are very efficient. Top-loading ones do not always fit in the intended location and generally spend more water. Depending on the work you are going to entrust to your washing machine, you have the choice between the 2 possibilities.


This aspect seems the easiest to determine. It will directly depend on the number of people residing in your home. If you live alone or as a couple, a washing machine with a maximum load of six kilograms is more than sufficient. If you have two children, you will need to opt for a capacity of eight kilos. If you have a very large family, you will need to bet on a capacity of nine kilos.
Remember that the capacity is directly proportional to the expenditure on water and electricity. More capacity means fewer washes and more savings. It all depends, as always, on your needs and the size of the washer slot.
You may never have considered this factor, but this criterion is very important. Spinning at full speed will dry your clothes more efficiently, which could save you more energy if you use your dryer for less. A powerful motor exceeding six hundred revolutions is more than enough for the usual use of this device. But if you want an excellent performance washing machine, you will have to bet on the ones that exceed one thousand two hundred revolutions. But, remember: more turns, more energy expenditure.

Respect the environment

Clothes washers, like all household appliances, are classified according to their energy consumption (Energy Star). They come in a variety of capacities and feature precise water temperature regulators and sensors that measure the amount of laundry to be washed and adjust the water volume accordingly. In addition, by washing cold, your washing machine does not spend energy on heating the water, so you can take care of the environment easily.
It is important to take into account both the type of clothing you have at home and the way you wash them. Many washing machines have a long series of programs that we are not going to use, others have less, but we will be using them almost every day. How to choose ? A cold program and a hot program, one for delicate clothes and another for synthetic fabrics, is more than enough.
Modern washing machines
Obviously, in recent years the internal design of these devices has been refined. These days, it's easier to find washing machines that are almost silent, can be controlled by Wi-Fi, block the door from opening, and lock securely. These options could make the final invoice more expensive. So this is something that directly depends on what additional functionality you need.

We hope that we have helped you choose a washing machine that is useful, practical, ecological and above all economical. Such an important device will accompany you for many years, as we have already said. Betting on an effective and sustainable product is therefore a long-term investment that will more than pay off if you decide to follow our advice. Of course, you always decide what product you buy and how you want to complement your kitchen or laundry room furniture. Try to tailor your washing needs to your next washing machine instead of grabbing an offer that might be more expensive than you imagine. Always choose with the factors we have described to you in mind and you are sure to be successful when buying a new washing machine.



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