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Guide to the correct use of the dryer

Guide to the correct use of the dryer

The dryer is as essential as the washing machine. In fact, we don't always have enough space to air dry clothes, especially for large items like sheets and duvet covers. Sometimes we don't have enough time to dry our clothes outside and we need it as soon as possible. Also, if the clothes are not dried properly, there may be a musty smell. In these cases, the use of the dryer becomes a necessity, so it is handy to know how to get the most out of this device.

How to use the dryer correctly

When purchasing the dryer, it is best to read the instructions for use to know its features and make optimal use of it. Some dryers can save us a lot of work if we know how to use all of their functions.

Once you have read the manual, consider the following points when using the dryer:

- Do not overload the dryer drum: the clothes need room to move freely during the cycle and overloading will cause a poor result.

- When you change clothes from the washing machine to the dryer, shake it to get rid of it.

- Separate the clothes you want to dry according to the fabrics. You will find the instructions on the clothing labels. For example: strong cycles are suitable for heavy clothing such as jeans.

- How much heat do you put in the dryer? Adjust the temperature of the appliance according to the type of fabric. You can't dry everything at the same speed. Some tissues can contract and be damaged by excessive heat.

- Something to iron less clothes. Remove them from the dryer when they are still a little wet. Then hang them neatly on the outside, smoothing them with your hands to dry them permanently.

Use the dryer and put away

Did you know that the clothes dryer can represent about 12% of a household's electricity consumption? Therefore, learning how to use it effectively comes in handy in reducing your electricity bill. Keep in mind the following tips:

- When loading the dryer, separate clothes from light fabrics to heavy fabrics for faster and more even drying.

- Drying several consecutive batches of clothes is economical because it is not necessary to heat the appliance from one to the other.

- Avoid adding partially wet clothes to an almost dry tandem so as not to waste energy, as the humidity sensor will interpret it as a wet load in its entirety.

- Do not open the dryer door unnecessarily, as it releases hot air and lengthens the drying cycle.

- Clean the humidity sensor inside the drum at least once a month. In general, it collects a transparent layer which changes the perception of the sensor, which affects the drying times.

- Clean the filter after each use.

- Place the dryer in a non-cold area of ​​your home for greater efficiency



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