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Dishwashers: tips for use

Dishwashers: tips for use

Get the most out of your dishwasher. If your dishes don't come out as clean as you would like, you don't necessarily need to buy a new dishwasher. You may be using the wrong detergent, or the program you are using is wrong, or you haven't maintained the appliance properly ...

Whatever the reason, try putting the tips below into practice and you will see the results improve.

• Do not rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Remove food scraps with a spatula or cutlery.

• Be careful when placing dishes inside your dishwasher. Plates and lids should be placed as vertically as possible and well separated from each other. Try not to let them touch so you don't collect debris and water after washing.

• Glasses and jars should be placed upside down.

• Cutlery should be placed in the basket, ideally with the handle down. If, instead of a basket, your dishwasher has a cutlery tray, place them neatly so that they are to the side.

• Plastic utensils should be placed in the upper tray, away from the heating element, to prevent them from warping.

• The dirtiest dishes should be placed in the lower basket because the water jet that will arrive will be more powerful.

• Your dishwasher has a rotating propeller from which the water jet comes out. Check before turning it on that they rotate without hitting anything.

• Fill the dishwasher completely to save water and energy.

• Choose the most suitable detergent. Put it in the compartment provided and close it.

• Always use the correct amount of detergent. The option recommended by the manufacturer is usually the best option. Too little will not completely remove dirt from dishes, while too much will not increase washing efficiency and will waste product and add unnecessary chemicals to the environment.

• If you want your dishes to shine, it is best to add rinse aid even if the detergent you have used contains it.

• Choose the appropriate wash program and, when finished, wait half an hour before opening the dishwasher to avoid any stains or marks on the glasses.

How to take care of your dishwasher
If you want your dishwasher to last longer and perform great, there are some simple maintenance tasks you need to do.

• Remove and clean the filter once a week and clean the detergent dispenser regularly. Repeat this operation each time you have placed heavily soiled dishes. The accumulation of dirt generates washing problems and unnecessary energy expenditure.

• Twice a year it is also helpful to remove the blades to clean the slots. You just need to unscrew them or pull them out easily. Each dishwasher has its method.

• Depending on your location, you already know that the water can have more or less lime. Depending on this, add dishwasher salt. The reservoir is usually located near the filter and a light tells you when to add more. Unscrew the lid (you may have water in it) and pour in the salt until the container is full.



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