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Washer - family dryer

Washer - family dryer

Buying a combination washer-dryer is one of the best decisions, as this appliance offers great benefits. The set consisting of the washer and dryer is able to combine the functions of two appliances in one device. One of its great advantages is the saving of space in your home.

When we talk about the necessity of having a washing machine, no one doubts that it is an indispensable device in every house, like the refrigerator.

But when it comes to the dryer, there are many who doubt its usefulness. Personally, I am in favor of the use of dryers. Since then, I no longer have to depend on the weather, nor on the space to hang my laundry in the open air.

Also, sometimes the accommodations are so small that we don't have space to leave our laundry in the sun. Also, if you live in a city, hanging clothes outside means they can pick up odors with the pollution.

So, for some, having a dryer in the home is as essential as having a washing machine. And once you need both devices, why not go for a device where both functions are integrated.

In today's market there are many washing machines with drying function that will allow you to carry out the entire process of washing and drying the laundry in the same device, without having to move the clothes from side to side. 'other.


Save space.

A tumble dryer occupies the same space as a conventional washing machine but the option of drying is included, a function that was previously required by another appliance.

Saving the space taken up by a large appliance like the dryer is a popular feature in small homes.

Energetic efficiency.

Today, buying a washer-dryer is buying an energy-efficient appliance with low energy and water consumption.

Time saving.

Washers and dryers give you an advantage that we appreciate more and more over time. This device allows us to have our clothes available in less time.

We also save time by eliminating steps (hanging the laundry, waiting for it to dry, unhooking the laundry). With the washer-dryer, if you choose the full cycle, when you take out the laundry, it is ready to be ironed or used.

To save money.

No matter what the price of the washer dryer you choose, it will never exceed the price of the two devices purchased separately.

The appliance consisting of the washer and dryer offers us other advantages in everyday life, advantages related to comfort and practicality of use.

The washing machine with drying function is very versatile. You have the option of washing and drying everything in the same process or washing and drying independently, as there are specific programs to perform the different steps.

In winter, they are very convenient, because you can prepare laundry quickly, without accumulating it on the indoor clotheslines, which only increases the humidity in the house.



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