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The best oven is ...

The best oven is ...

This question is difficult to answer because there are a lot of ovens on the market. Of course, there are many differences between models and brands. Technology has evolved a lot and we have in the market ovens offering very professional advantages, but designed for households.
What does that mean? That we can also become real chefs and have in our premises the functions used by the best chefs in the world.

What are the advantages of ovens?

If you haven't bought one for a long time, you'll be surprised at the programs and features included in the latest models. A detail that we particularly appreciate, even if it does not contribute to the successful completion of our recipes, is the automatic cleaning option, or pyrolysis. Indeed, when we start a recipe, we make it with enthusiasm. But afterwards, who wants to clean the oven? Especially after spending hours cooking.
How does pyrolysis work? This is a process by which the oven reaches a temperature of 500 degrees, which causes organic matter to decompose and evaporate, while the non-organic matter is converted to ash. Then just remove the residue with a cloth. During pyrolysis, the oven door is completely locked to ensure absolute safety. It is not necessary to do this automatic cleaning every time you use the oven. A monthly frequency is recommended, depending on your use.

Although this process reaches high temperatures and therefore consumes energy, the price of pyrolysis is less than $ 1. An amount that we pay easily so as not to waste hours cleaning the oven.

In addition to pyrolysis, ovens also have other very interesting functions.

Ovens with thermoset

What is the thermoset? This is a function that some ovens incorporate and which is of great help.

It's hard to tell by eye when a roast is reaching its exact doneness point. This is given from experience, but if you don’t make this recipe frequently, it might get complicated. The thermoset helps us know for sure whether the cooking point has been reached.

Ovens with autochef function

As with the roast, the same goes for other baking recipes. What temperature should we choose, how long, at what height to place the tray ... This often means that we only use the oven to make pizzas, and hardly anything else.
However, the amount of dishes that we can make with the oven is immense. Plus, if you think about it, the oven is a very comfortable way to cook. You close the door and just wait for the end.
The new models offer a range of preset recipes which makes them easier to cook.
Steam and microwave ovens
Microwaves allow us to cook twice as fast. This function is very useful for a weekday when we have little time to cook and eat. We can cut lasagna cooking time by 30% or more.
With the 100% steam function, we can steam it. It is a very healthy cooking technique because it retains all the nutrients in the food.
Duo Trays
These trays give us many options. They are the same width as conventional trays, but half the depth. This allows us to cook smaller portions or different dishes without mixing the smells. This little detail is a success, because we can also use the oven to prepare individual portions, not just to prepare large family meals.

So these are some of the most outstanding features and functions of ovens. I hope this little guide will help you in your choice.



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