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There are currently 3 main types of freezers:

Types of freezers:

Upright freezers

It is the type of freezer most used in businesses (industrial and commercial), and since it is a vertical type structure, it is aesthetically very similar to a refrigerator, which makes it extremely easy to install. in the kitchen. This type of freezer is usually priced slightly higher than the other two types of freezer.

Chest freezers:

This type of chest-shaped freezer is currently the most widely used in home use because, among other features, they tend to have more storage capacity. On the contrary, for some people, this type of freezer is more difficult to use because finding food there is more complicated than in other types of freezers.

Another outstanding advantage of this type of chest freezer is that they tend to have greater energy efficiency and higher performance, thus making these an ideal type of freezer for storing products for the long term.

A disadvantage of this type of freezer is that it usually occupies a large size, since they have a low height, but a relatively wide base.
Small freezers:

This type of small freezer usually has a vertical aesthetic and a small size (less than a meter high).
Also, being so small, it allows other things to be placed on top which helps to optimize space.
What should you consider when buying a freezer?

Cooling power

Usually, freezers can reach a temperature of -20 ° C, and must be taken into account the refrigeration power as the number of kilograms (of food) that can be frozen in 24 hours.
It is also important to pay attention to the star code that appears on the energy label, because in order for a freezer to freeze fresh food, it is necessary to reach a temperature between -24 ° C and -30 ° C, this which is only possible with a freezer which has 4 stars. For a model that has 3 stars or less, we are talking about a freezer that preserves food but does not freeze it.

Storage capacity

It is important that the storage capacity is suitable for the desired use, indeed it does not make sense to leave a freezer half empty, because, among other factors, we would be spending energy unnecessarily and to a certain extent. way we would also waste the available space.

So you have to look at the net storage capacity indicated on the label, this data means the actual available capacity, subtracting all the space occupied by accessories such as trays, baskets, etc.

Electricity consumption

Electricity consumption is ranked from letter A to G, with A being the most efficient and the best with the environment and G the least. The unit of measurement is the kilowatt hour (Kw / h).

Cleaning and defrosting

It is important to choose a “No Frost” type freezer because it will eliminate the need to periodically defrost the appliance. This is possible since its operation allows the device to defrost itself automatically and periodically thanks to the evaporation that the heat of the engine releases on the container where the water is stored.
Thermal insulation capacity

This data shows the ability to keep food in the most optimal conditions for as long as possible in the event of a power failure.
Normally, in the event of a power cut, food can remain frozen for 48 hours as long as the appliance door remains closed.

Additional features

In these additional functions, we include all the functions that facilitate or improve the comfort of using the device. For example, interior light, a thermometer to control and regulate temperature, acoustic alarms or digital screens or displays.

Finally, as a recommendation, when we have installed the freezer in its intended location and for proper operation, we must wait 12 hours before turning it on in order to allow the gas circuit to recover correctly following the disturbances generated, by movement during transport.


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