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An efficient kitchen: how to use the appliances correctly?

An efficient kitchen: how to use the appliances correctly?
Ecology is no longer just a fad, it has become a way of life. Responsible use of resources is important and for that we can start with our home, and especially the kitchen. By surrounding yourself with efficient and quality household appliances, you will optimize your energy costs.

Here we show you how to rate each kitchen equipment. With these tips and some common sense, you will save energy at home.


The oven

The consumption of the oven represents a little more than 8% of the electricity bill at home. If you want to optimize its use as much as possible, here are some tips:

  • Cook several dishes at the same time to take advantage of the energy of the oven. Some ovens have a heating system that distributes the heat evenly inside the oven and allows you to bake up to 4 levels at the same time, avoiding the mixture of odors.
  • Avoid opening the door during the cooking process in order to avoid significant energy losses.
  •  Stop the oven before the end of cooking and let your dish finish cooking thanks to the residual heat.
  • Use ceramic or glass trays which retain heat better.
  • The cooking plates

You can install different types of plates. However, if you want efficient cooking, we recommend induction hobs. With this technology, only the surface of the container is heated, so there will never be any heat loss if there is a pan or pot smaller than your fire. Also, whenever you can, use containers. stainless steel, because it is a less polluting material.


The hood

No one likes having smoke or bad smells in the house. It is therefore essential to have an extractor hood. Some hoods are equipped with different features that make it possible to obtain an efficient kitchen:

  • LED lighting not only provides a clearer view of what you are cooking, but also features low consumption, high performance and long service life.
  • A system of sensors can regulate the power according to the quantity and quality of the smoke. After 10 minutes without perceiving anything, the hood disconnects to perform the operation you really need.
  • Engine quality to achieve maximum performance with minimum consumption, all in a quiet environment.
  • Regardless of the model and power of the hood, it is recommended to activate it 10 minutes before starting to cook. Thus, you avoid condensation and the air begins to renew itself more quickly.

The fridge

Its operation represents 18% of the electricity bill. Being the only device that works all the time, it is especially important to be efficient.

  • Program the correct temperature: 4ºC for the refrigerator and -18ºC for the freezer.
  • Organize food correctly so that the air circulates better and that the conservation of the products is optimal.
  • As with the oven, only open the refrigerator when necessary to avoid energy loss.
  • Some devices are equipped with low consumption LED lighting and have a holiday mode. So when you are away for a long time, the refrigerator will work in energy saving mode while the freezer is working normally.

The dish-washer

Stopping washing dishes by hand already means a great saving in water, almost 30.6 liters per day. In addition, some dishwashers have features that further contribute to the efficiency of your kitchen:

  • Zeolites inside our dishwashers absorb moisture and convert it into heat, which makes drying more efficient. In addition, these minerals last the life of the device.
  •  An Eco program guarantees minimal water and energy consumption.

Washing machine

Water, energy and detergent. Some washers are able to save on each of them thanks to the technology with automatic dosage of detergent and fabric softener. When you use only the amount of detergent you need, no product is wasted and no more rinsing is required, which also decreases the cycle. Do you know how much you can save? 7,000 liters of water per year * and 30% detergent. Well done!

With these tips for saving money at home, your bill and the environment will thank you.


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