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How to use the microwave

How to use the microwave

You need to understand how this appliance works and know some tips and secrets to use it more often in your daily kitchen.

Microwave operation:

Microwaves are absorbed by moisture. Products which, in their molecular composition, have a higher degree of humidity will be those in which the microwave efficiency will be higher. For example, half a kilo of potatoes takes 1 hour to cook in a conventional oven and only 14 minutes in the microwave.

The microwaves penetrate only 2 to 4 cm maximum in the food. The rest of the cooking will be done by induction and not by friction.


When choosing the thickness and shape of the food, it is good to have the concept of operation in mind. You may need to protect some thinner parts so that they don't overcook. For example, the tail and head of a fish will be covered with paper.

Any food cooked in liquid will need 50% of the amount of liquid used under the traditional cooking system.

Salt and spices will be used sparingly as their flavors intensify.

In recipes containing cheese, it should be added at the end of cooking. Cheese attracts microwaves and can get tough.

All foods protected by a skin or membrane should be punctured before microwaving them to allow steam to escape. Otherwise they will burst splashing the walls and ceiling of the oven as usually happens with apples, potatoes, etc.

If your oven is very dirty and you want to clean it, put a cup of water inside, let it run for 2 minutes at 100% power, then wipe down the walls. Never use abrasives or scraping tools.

To remove odors, put a glass of water with lemon and let the microwave run for 1 minute at 100% power. The bad smell will go away.

If you want to cook a product in the microwave and you do not know the cooking time, it is advisable to start by entering a quarter of the time traditionally used.

To prevent food from drying out, cover it or place a glass of water in the microwave.



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