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Frigidaire is passionate about making it easier for all families to live a little better every day. As a result of both very strong demand for our appliances, and the global supply chain shortages, some of our appliances are experiencing a fulfillment delay. We truly understand the impact this may have on you and are working closely with our suppliers so that we can deliver your order as quickly as possible.


Cooktops Frigidaire

Frigidaire offers great quality products that look great too. Frigidaire will help you discover your options easily to find the right range for your home and that meets your needs.

Frigidaire Electric Cooktops: Expand your cooking possibilities with the many other options that this stylish electric cooktop from Frigidaire offers.

Frigidaire Gas Cooktops: Prepare a wide range of dishes with precision and with ease whether you are simmering, sautéing, searing, or boiling.

Frigidaire Induction Cooktops: Induction cooktops offer you a whole new way of cooking. Brown steaks, crispy sandwiches, melt chocolate or simmer sauces with the precise temperature control that induction offers.

Refrigerators Frigidaire

With Frigidaire, you can refrigerate or freeze your favorite foods by customizing your storage space to meet all of your family's tastes, from yogurt, to beer, to frozen pizza.

Frigidaire All Refrigerator Refrigerators: This is the oldest style of refrigerator, and if you like retro-style refrigerators, you'll recognize the look.

Frigidaire Bottom Freezer Refrigerators: Bottom freezers are generally more spacious than top freezers and can better accommodate larger frozen items.

Frigidaire French-Door 3-Door Refrigerators: The freezer compartment is set up nicely and you'll be able to organize it exactly how you like it.

Frigidaire French Door 4-Door Refrigerators: French freezer doors and shelves instead of a large drawer keep contents much more organized. This refrigerator is also practically silent.

Frigidaire Side-by-Side Refrigerators: With a Frigidaire side-by-side refrigerator in your kitchen, all your favorite foods are always easily within reach. By grabbing both handles and opening the doors to the fresh and frozen sections will instantly give you a complete view of everything.

Frigidaire Top Freezer Refrigerators: Getting more out of your cold storage is easy when you use a Frigidaire refrigerator with a top freezer.

Dishwashers Frigidaire

Frigidaire dishwashers consistently clean your glasses, dishes, pots and pans and look good while doing it. Frigidaire is focused on keeping costs under control for its customers. You won't find any overly high-tech bells and whistles in the lineup.

Frigidaire Front Controls Dishwashers: The location of the control panel affects the layout of your dishwasher and how you access its features. Front controls dishwashers have a timeless design and easy access to cycle settings.

Frigidaire Top Controls Dishwashers: The location of the control panel affects the layout of your dishwasher and how you access its features. Top controls dishwashers look perfect by keeping the control panel out of sight.


Freezers Frigidaire

Keep food frozen for a long time with smart sensing technology that adjusts airflow to maintain an even temperature and easily organize your family's favorite frozen foods.

Frigidaire Freezer Chest: If you need a freezer that's reliable, spacious, and that meets all your needs, go for a Frigidaire Chest Freezer. It has removable baskets and a self-standing lid, making it an easy and accessible unit.

Frigidaire Upright Freezers: This model lets you see all your well-organized food and you will be surprised about how much food fits in this freezer.

Microwave Ovens Frigidaire

Now easier than ever. Our microwaves provide the convenience of cooking multiple foods at the touch of a button. Prepare popcorn, potatoes, or add 30 seconds to the cooking cycle.

Frigidaire Insert Microwaves: Its built-in look and appearance will be the envy of many and it is worth every penny.

Frigidaire Over-The-Range Microwaves: With a stovetop microwave, you get the power of the microwave with superior ventilation all in one appliance. What’s more is that you will also save counter space.

Ranges Frigidaire

The stove and the oven provide constant heat. With its high quality appearance and functions, these ranges are exactly what you've been looking for, and all at very competitive prices.

Frigidaire Electric Ranges: This powerful electric cooktop has five elements designed to handle all your cooking needs.

Frigidaire Dual Fuel Ranges: Choose the best of both worlds with dual fuel technology. It combines the power of a gas stove with the precision of an electric oven for baking, so you get maximum versatility and delicious results.

Frigidaire Gas Ranges: Easily turn on the gas to get reliable and accurate baking temperatures and great results every time.

Ventilation Frigidaire

Complete the look of your kitchen with proper ventilation for your kitchen.

Frigidaire Ventilation Range Hoods: In addition to eliminating undesired odors, ventilation extractor hoods remove moisture and grease.