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5 basic tips for taking care of your refrigerator

5 basic tips for taking care of your refrigerator

Do you know the lifespan of a refrigerator? Studies indicate that these devices last between 10 and 15 years. Which is important when you consider that they work 24 hours a day. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your refrigerator.

1. Temperature

The first thing to do is to properly regulate the temperature of your refrigerator. The ideal is between 4 degrees Celsius. It is not recommended to trust the inner adjustment wheel. Get a thermometer and place it inside the refrigerator to check.
Do not put hot food in the refrigerator, let it cool down first. This will reduce the amount of hot air inside.
Another useful tip is to leave a space between the containers and the walls of the appliance so that air can circulate well through the entire refrigerator.

2. Doors

A common mistake is to open the refrigerator door and leave it open while you decide what to cook. It has been calculated that this results in a loss of cold of up to 7%. So, first think about what you want to eat, then open the fridge. This will help keep it in good condition.
Another thing to keep in mind is to keep the doors in good condition. If the rubber seal is not in good condition, cold air will escape causing more energy than is required. The first thing to do is to check that the rubbers are clean. It is advisable to clean them twice a year: you can do this with a toothbrush.

3. Location

In order for the condenser to cool well, it is advisable to place the refrigerator about 15 centimeters from the wall. Also, the refrigerator may not work well if the condenser is dirty and dusty. To avoid this situation, you can clean it twice a year. Remove the unit from the wall, unplug the refrigerator and vacuum clean.
You should also make sure the refrigerator is level. If it does not, the door will not close properly, and there will be condensation inside.

4. Interior

It is important to store things in the refrigerator to keep the temperature low.
If you fill it little, you can leave a container of water inside.
If you want to clean your refrigerator, the first thing to do is unplug it. Empty it completely and take the opportunity to get rid of anything that is expired. Then remove the drawers and shelves and wash them in hot soapy water. Clean the inside of the refrigerator with a special product and make sure you don't forget a wall or a corner. If you prefer to use more natural products, you can use a mixture of baking soda and hot water or distilled vinegar with water. You can add a few drops of lemon to remove the strong vinegar smell.
If you leave a plate with baking soda inside, it will help absorb any strong odor that resists.

5. Ice

If the walls of your refrigerator contain more than half an inch of ice, it's time to defrost them. If this is not done, the motor will run more and expend more energy. Some refrigerators are equipped with an automatic defrost, and you will not have to do this maintenance.



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