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Everything you need to know about washing machine operation

Everything you need to know about washing machine operation

Washers are technological devices, but unlike smartphones or your children's games consoles, they are easy to use! To use your washer properly, you don't need to know its full makeup, all you need to know are the different cycles and programs you'll be using. In this way, you will use all functions optimally and be able to take better care of your clothes, in addition to saving water and energy.

Washer Cycles and Programs

The operation of washing machines is not complicated; it's just a matter of choosing the right cycle and the right program to get the best result.

There are different load types to choose from, giving you the same level of control as with a manual wash, but without effort or time.

Washer operating process

You don't have to always use the pre-wash cycle. In fact, unless you have very, very dirty clothes, it is best not to use it, so you will save water and money. If you have to wash heavily soiled clothes (when you have kids it is often unavoidable), prewash can be really wonderful. This cycle allows a very fast washing, with a detergent or a stain remover, which will facilitate the elimination of the stains during the washing. The detergent is released into the machine and mixed with the water, generating a foam which passes through the fibers of the garment, thus eliminating stains and odors. You can use whatever detergent you want, but make sure you add the correct amount. During the rinse cycle, clean water is pumped through the washer, removing soapy water and detergent residue from your clothes. This continues until all of the soap is gone and your clothes are clean but very wet. The washer then spins the laundry very quickly, removing excess water. But your clothes will not be completely dry. You will need to put them in the dryer or hang them on a wire.

Normal programs

Don't get me wrong with that name! Being a "normal" wash doesn't necessarily mean this is the program you should use the most often. "Normal" only means that no specific program has been applied.

Quick wash

For an average load, it may be better to use a quick wash which saves time, money and energy. If your clothes aren't particularly dirty and just need a little freshening up, a quick wash will take less time and require less water and temperature than a "normal" wash. You may prefer to use this program as the standard, unless you have really dirty clothes.

Eco-wash or Eco-Wash

This is the best environmental option, but use it with care as it is not always sufficient to remove stains. However, this program is perfect for refreshing the laundry by consuming even less water at low temperature than the quick wash.

Delicate / hand wash

If you want to switch easily from manual washing to machine washing, this program is for you. Instead of wringing out your clothes to remove excess water, this program gently shakes it to protect delicate fabrics. You can even wash your clothes with lace, silk or embroidery!


This program (if your washing machine has one) is similar to prewash but without detergent, and usually lasts 30 minutes. This can be very useful if you have a large stain and want to pre-treat it before applying the detergent.

Sanitize or Sanitized

If you have young children, the Sanitized program can be your lifeline! This program uses very hot water (so avoid putting on your delicate clothes or they may shrink), which boils the clothes and kills bacteria. If your children have had an "accident" and have soiled their clothes, this program is essential. It can also be used to remove mold that grows in bathroom curtains.



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